Customized Double Winners Podiums Fronts



Swap the front panels of a double InPodium easily and your sponsors will love the personalized panels that will promote them in all the pictures uploaded to social networks by relatives and media journalists.We take care of the design, with your indications.

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Attractive to Sponsors

In addition to all the advantages of the inpodium, the frontal panels, which as standard come with numbers of colors on white background, can easily be changed by means of screws and replaced by a personalized frontal panel with the images, logos and advertising texts more suitable for each occasion.

These front panels are sold as a complementary item to the Inpodium.

Imagine the case of one sports event in a school or sports club, where in many occasions the event is sponsored by a company that likes to be seen published its logo in the sites , there is any better than be advertise on the fronts of the podium?, no doubt during the ceremony of price delivery the most photographed by journalist and family is InPodium. Social networks and journalist will do the remaining job.

Design included

For the design of the personalized double front panels, you must send us the images that you want to include, in the highest quality possible, as well as the logos to include equally in the highest possible quality or vector format. This, along with some indications of how you want the front will allow us to prepare some designs for approval before the printing phase.

Personalization protocol


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