Double winners podium with custom design



Awards ceremonies Podium of standard resistance but double size. Once disassembled takes up space as two small suitcases.

This podium includes exclusive custom front panels according to the design that we will help you make. You send us the images, logos, texts and explain us your idea, we do it for you.

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1 250,00€

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CompositionsAluminium & Forex
StylesCustomized front panels with design assited by us
PropertiesUnmounted: 2 Units de 63 x 52 x 14Cm.

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Custom fronts


Inpodium allows you to easily exchange the front panels and thereby surprise the sponsors of the event with panels with their own logos and slogans, which facilitates them provides an extra promotion through the photos uploaded to social networks by relatives or in the published in the media by journalists.

You can see examples of Inpodium customizations made in the portfolio section

Easy transportation

Responsible for preparing the awards ceremonies are those who truly know how complicated is sometimes podium transportation to the celebration´s place, and the In Podium objet is to facilitate this work.

In all those sports events that are not held in a fixed location, such as running races, bikes, skates, motobikes, ski requires to transport and to carry the podium, usually wood made up to the desired position, and need the help of a couple of people and a van.

With Inpodium the problem is over, since it fits in the trunk of any small car and with its handle and light weight is easily transportable by anyone. Once arrived at final location is only necessary to invest 5 minutes and the use of a single key.

Easy storage

But coming back again to the main protagonists of this article, those responsible for preparing the ceremonies, what happens during those long periods of time which the podium is not necessary and have to be stored?

We have to find a dry and convenient place where item will not bother much if we would like to keep the podium in good shape if we want to have at list for a couple of years.

Again with In podium this problem is solved, never annoying because dismantled In podium fits under a table or behind a door, in addition the materials that is inpodium made of ,Aluminum and plastic composites , makes the Inpodium resistant to moisture and can be stored at any place.

Attractive for sponsors

If all this weren't already enough to want to have an Inpodium, in addition, the front panels, which by default come with numbers of colors on a white background, can be easily unbolt by means of screws and replaced by a front with custom images, logos and advertising texts suitables for every occasion. These front panels are are sold as a supplement to the Inpodium article.

Imagine the case of a sport event at school or sports club, on many occasions, the event is sponsored by a company that likes to see their logo in as many places as possible and the best place actually is the front of the winner’s podium. With no doubt the Inpodium will be the most photo and video shoot by reporters and families to be later on published at news and social media.


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