Table Tennns awars ceremony

Awar ceremony in Puigcerdà

Personalized Podium for Euskadiko Triatloi Federazioa

With two Inpodiums you have a double podium

When it comes to awarding prizes to teams of two or more people, the modular structure of the Intrainers Inpodium allows you to mount it to the desired width by assembling several podiums together, with the same joint strength as one.

It is not necessary to purchase extra pieces separately, you only have to have as many Inpodiums complete as you want to assemble and join those of the same height together, to finally unite them all together.

The only consideration that must be taken into account when putting together two or more podiums is what will be the result of the composition of the frontals if these are personalized, for that reason we advise to foresee this possibility by having a frontal set adapted to a double or triple mounting .

Podi doble personalitzat per MayLuengo Racing Ski Team

Messures podium doble