Characteristics of our Winner Podiums

Delivery of ski prizes with Inpodium, the detachable and customizable podium, in Baqueira

Dimensions, weight and resistance


Once disassembled and packed Inpodium dimensions are those of a small suitcase 63 x 52 x 14 cm ( 24,8*20,47*5,51 Inches) and is packed with their own pieces, its weight is always 14 kg (30,86 Pounds).

The addition of a handle makes it easy for one person to carry it and its compact measurements allow to accommodate it easily in the trunk of any small car.

There small size makes the Inpodium a product that can be stored anywhere, using a minimum space, without being damaged due to the composition of materials that are resistant to moisture or rain and do not deteriorate with the passage of time.


After a process of very simple mounting of 5 minutes, the podium acquires a size of 148 x 63 x 52 Cm (148*25*20,5 inches) and its total weight is 14 Kg (30,8 Pounds), supporting its aluminium structure a total weight of 450 Kg (150Kg / bucket).

Important notice:

Under no one circumstance we should jump up to the podium before every part of each module is fasten and the 3 modules are completely lock up and secured, only in that conditions can withstand the 450 Kg load , securing then than the most weighted winners could receive their awards in a secure way.

Inpodium size

Podio muy resistente

Measurements single podium