Technical information of our Winners Podiums 

Award ceremony with Inpodium, detachable and customizable podium, in a cycling event in Puigcerdà

The ideal ceremonies award pódium

Inpodium a new innovative product aimed for simplifying the work of all those responsibles for the preparation of awards ceremonies of any kind.

Inpodium is a modular system made of aluminium, which allows a single person to transport and assemble easily, a sports podium of standard size and in less than 5 minutes.

With Inpodium the problems of storage, transport, blows on passing, and the the humidity of a warehouse are finished.

Both the aluminum structure of Inpodium and the material of its front are resistant to moisture and do not deteriorate over time, being suitable for environments such as swimming pools or ski slopes.

It is especially interesting for all those events that are carried out in non-urbanized places, such as the case of skiing, cycling or some motorcycle racing, but it is also a highly recommended product for all those recreational sports entities that do not have a permanent place for this type of celebrations, as usually happens with sailing, tennis or most schools that regularly organize this type of event.

In our experience, it is an ideal tool for City Councils or for events companies, which solves the problem of transport to the different points where an event is held, be it a sports center, a school, a street or in a square.

With Inpodium, the detachable and lightweight winners podium, two people are no longer needed for transportation  With Inpodium, the removable winners podium, you no longer need a van to load it

The Inpodium, the detachable and customizable briefcase podium, can be easely carried by one person