Swimming and its disciplines

Medallas natacionSwimming is a sport with various specialties including trampoline jumps, water polo, swimming pool of different lengths or open waters and is part of the modern Olympic Games since its creation in 1986.

All swimming specialties have a common characteristic, humidity and aggressive atmospheres for sports equipment. When it is a closed area such as a heated pool, the humidity can be very high and for the specialties that are carried out in a marine environment it is the saltpetre that oxidizes or deforms the material.

This type of atmosphere that invariably accompanies swimming sports demands materials, as in the case of the winners podiums, especially resistant. If we exclude competitions in pools that can have a fixed podium, the rest of the specialties, at the time of performing the awards ceremony, needs the disposition of a winners podium for the awards ceremonies.

When it comes to a professional competition of a certain level, the costs of transport and installation of this equipment is not usually a problem, but when we talk about an amateur competition, avoiding unnecessary expenses is essential. In these cases Inpodium, having a size and resistance comparable to any other winners podium, is the ideal winners podium for this type of ceremony,

  • Due to its light weight it can be carried by only one person and not too strong
  • Because of its small size once packaged, allows to be transported in any small vehicle without needing a van.
  • Because of its construction materials, it’s resistant to humidity and rain and can be washed with a wet cloth when it becomes muddy.

In addition, as Inpodium is modular, it allows fitting 2 units to form a double size winners podium, or three units for a triple size winners podium, etc.

The exclusive Inpodium personalization system allows to make unique and exclusive designs, with the inclusion of colour photographs, logos and slogans, getting the sponsors of the event to see their brand on the front line of all the winners on the podium photos.

To finish, comment that Inpodium can be stored anywhere without occupying space and regardless of storage conditions as it is resistant to moisture and does not spoil over time like wood.