Customize your Winner Podium

Awards ceremony with Inpodium, the podium of awarding prizes, in the Karting San Pablo

Inpodium front is made of a weather resistant printable plastic material , not being damaged by rain or sunlight. This material, called Forex, allows to print on it a tailored customization to the client needs without any restrictions.

The personalization of Inpodium allows you to adapt the fronts to each event, including texts, images and logos of the sponsors, providing the most impressive image of the awards ceremony by allowing you to see your personalized promo included in all the photographic images of the moment.

The removable support of the front allows quick replacement to get the podium adapted to the advertising needs of each event.

The customization of Inpodium is not included in the price of the standard IN Podium, but you can order custom front panels in the section Fronts by choosing two options:

     1- Self-Desing front: You design the front using our template. This is the quickest and easiest way, allowing you to make several alternative designs and decide which one to send us to print.

     2- Frontal with design: Intrainers has the fronts design service, send us the material -logos, images- and a sketch with your idea and we proceed to make some previous designs for you to choose the option that best adapts to your needs.

Auto design template


Awards ceremony with Inpodium, the podium of awarding prizes, in the Green Mountain Stage Race USA